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More than a garden

A Home starts with the first step to our garden. Everything we see around – plants, paths, buildings and more – is for us, for our family’s peace and rest, for our self-expression.
With some knowledge, fantasy and effort, let’s turn our gardens into special cozy places to be and enjoy every minute of our leisure time.
We hope that our greenhouse, veranda, patio roof, orangery, winter garden or other structure will become an integral part of your Home!

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I appreciate and thank you for having done the work within the agreed time.


"When I look at your photos, I do not think of a holiday but a greenhouse! :) I would never have thought to grow strawberries in a greenhouse, and I didn't think the interior of the greenhouse could look so neat and stylish."


Thanks for the opportunity to buy your perfect greenhouse.


Thank you very much for the delivery and installation of the greenhouse. Everything is done perfectly and professionally. It was a pleasure to communicate with you.


Hello, Our family is very satisfied with the product and the work of your employees. Thanks for the project!


Good day, I wanted to ask about another greenhouse. We already have a great glasshouse from Gardenis, which stands in our yard in (...), 309x530. We want to buy one more.


"For five years we have been friends with Gardenis' glass greenhouse! We are very satisfied. Thanks for the excellent service. When we broke a glass, the next day you changed to a new one!"


"Thank you very much for your excellent work. So far we have a very dirty picture around the greenhouses. Once we arrange and plant a little, we will send you a photo to rejoice to you. Have a beautiful day!"


"Your greenhouse is like a Swiss watch: expensive, but for a very long time"


“Thanks a lot to a guy who has finished my terrace wall today. Really good worker. Good luck to Gardenis this year. ”


"Thank you very much for your good work - everyone likes it! Cactuses will move into the glasshouse in spring - welcome to visit us and the cacti! I wish your whole team beautiful and cozy holidays!"


"I found very interesting and beautiful solutions on your website. We want to install a greenhouse / conservatory next to a house for a couple of peaches, several vines, and other plants."


"Thanks for everything. The guys are great; built everything neatly, quickly, cleanly. Thank you. Good luck."


Mažeikių raj.
We are very pleased with the purchased product. This garden greenhouse is liked and cherished by all the family members. In other words, it is an oasis for our active leisure. We are already dreaming about future harvest. Thank you and your team, once again. Wishing to Gardenis a beautiful spring and productive time.


Kauno raj.
"Thanks for the nice communication and good work of the guys."