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How to order


You can order our products in one of the following ways (select the one you prefer):

• Fill in the e-form below the Product you like (see section "Products").

• by e-mail info@gardenis.lt

• by phone +370 608 07067, +370 673 37899

• Skype message: uab.gardenis

• Facebook message to KiemuiNamuiSodui

• In stores/offices in Kaunas (Raudondvaris pl. 150) or Vilnius (Verkių str. 44)


Where can I see “Gardenis” products?

(information will be availabe soon)

What is a better choice for a greenhouse: polycarbonate or glass?

Glass or polycarbonate: what to choose?

There is no one clear answer. The properties of both coatings are different.

Choose the cover of the greenhouse based on its purpose, aesthetic needs, as well as conditions in which you will build and use it. 

You can combine both coatings in "Gardenis" greenhouses. For example, the roof can be covered with polycarbonate, which reduces the direct exposure of the plant to sunlight, and the walls can be glazed. You will always see plants growing in the greenhouse through glass walls or, on the contrary, you will see a yard or garden from the greenhouse. Cover one or two walls with polycarbonate and the other with glass.

Learn the main features of these two materials. See the photo gallery of our Products. Make a decision.

Is it difficult to assemble “Gardenis” products by yourself?

The structures we produce are made according to D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) principle, so buyers who want to assemble the structure themselves do not have to have special knowledge or tools.

Each package contains a clear assembly instruction in Lithuanian, English, Russian, Polish, Slovak, Estonian, Latvian and all necessary elements.

Upon request of buyers, delivery or assembly services of purchased products are provided (additional fee applies). In this way, we can assure responsibility for the long-term quality of the structure.

What are the profiles of “Gardenis” buildings made of?

Aluminium greenhouses GardenisFrames of all greenhouses, patio roofs, orangeries, verandas and carports produced by JSC "GARDENIS" are made of aluminum. Aluminum is a relatively light but durable, stable metal. Resistant to atmospheric corrosion (moisture, frost, heat, etc.).


Aluminum can be coated with paint (special aluminum painting technology).


Aluminum profiles of all our products are designed in our company and produced in major EU aluminum casting factories. "Gardenis" buildings are strong, long-lasting; they do not need special care.

Is it necessary to pour a concrete foundation for “Gardenis” greenhouses?

It is not necessary.

"Gardenis" greenhouses and orangeries are sold with a special 14.5 cm high aluminum base; only the corners of this base must be concreted. This is enough to keep the building firm, level, and stable. If you still want to build a greenhouse on a concrete or masonry foundation, let us know. We will offer a special base for this case - aluminum profile-plate. We will also send you a detailed foundation casting drawing. 


How fast can I buy a Gardenis product?

For export terms, please contact us: info@gardenis.lt