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“Gardenis” greenhouses for hospitality industry

The hospitality industry is looking for ways to adapt outdoor dining spaces and settings to all 4 seasons


In northern Europe, outdoor dining has a rather limited time. As the summer ends, many cafes and bars with outdoor terraces close or move indoors. This reduces the serving space and social distance. The unique dining environment created by constantly changing nature is also lost in this way. One of the increasingly popular solutions to extend the outdoor dining experience is to install temporary terrace covers or glass verandas.

But there is another creative, economic, and practical solution - a spacious glass greenhouse (glasshouse).

The guests of your cafe, restaurant, or bar will definitely like it! 


Picture: Restaurant "Ateik Ateik UPE" in Klaipeda Old town.
Greenhouse model MAGNA.



Visit Popular Greenhouses-Restaurants in Lithuania and Latvia


If this autumn you are looking for unique food tastes, settings, aromas, and unique environments for their presentation - surprise your family, friends, or colleagues (and yourself!); invite them to weekend trips around Lithuanian and Latvian restaurants - greenhouses!

Below we offer several travel routes and addresses offering exceptional tastes, views, and memorable experiences.

(We recommend contacting these companies in advance to book the time of your visit).


Picture: Snacks at one of the most famous restaurants in Lithuania (Baltic seaside city Klaipeda)
 "Toli nuo Klasikos" ("Far from Classics")
in a greenhouse from "Gardenis" (model MAGNA).





Kaunas city:  


"Holas"  -cozy home restaurant in the center of Kaunas. Inspired by Mexican cuisine and popular dishes from various world cuisines. 
Laisvės al. 84B, Kaunas

HOLAS baras kavine Kaunas Gardenis siltnamyje MURUS

Image: Greenhouse model MURUS


"Kamerinis" - the most popular cocktail bar in the city.

Address: Kęstučio g. 74A, Kaunas

Picture: Bar in a greenhouse (model JUNA)


Šiauliai city:


"Dramaturgas" Brunch · Barbecue · American (Traditional) · Cocktails

Address: Vasario 16-osios g. 42, Šiauliai

Photo: Bar in a greenhouse (model MAGNA)


Druskininkai resort-town:


"Kurorto namas" guest house in Druskininkai City Park. Made-to-order breakfasts, dinners, tastings

Address: Kurorto g. 1, Druskininkai

Kurorto namas Druskininkai Gardenis siltnamyje TETRA Extra

Photo: Breakfast, brunch, and dinner room of a guest house - in a greenhouse (model TETRA Extra).



Klaipėda city:


"ToLi nuo klasikos" - home of wine, flavors, and friends. A new format with lots of love and joy!

Address: Audros g. 2, Klaipėda

ToLi nuo klasikos restoranas Klaipeda Gardenis siltnamis Ventus on wall

Picture: Restaurant in a greenhouse (model MAGNA).


"Cremia" Inspired by the flavors of classic and modern confectionery, gelateria - cafeteria, in the heart of the old town of Klaipėda

Address: Sukilėlių g. 10 91244 Klaipeda

Cremia Klaipeda kavine baras Gardenis siltnamis MAGNA

Picture: Restaurant in a greenhouse (model MAGNA).


"Ateik Ateik Upė"cafe by the river Dane

Address: Danės st. 27, Klaipėda

Ateik Ateik Upe kavine baras Klaipeda gardenis siltnamis MAGNA 457 x 457

Picture: Cafe, bar in a greenhouse (model MAGNA).



"Šiaurės uoga" ("Northern Fruit") Vinery and tasting room. Family-owned vine farm - one of the largest in Lithuania.

Siaures uoga vynuogynas Birzai Gardenis siltnamis MAGNA


Vilnius city:


"Another Bite": Food Experience Agency. A creative studio creating a good food experience. Private lunches and dinners, cooking and tasting events in non-traditional settings.


Another Bite food experience agency Vilnius Gardenis siltnamis Ovalia

Picture: restaurant in a greenhouse (model OVALIA)



L A T V I A:



Kuldiga region:


Snēpele village


"Nornieki" family restaurant on an ostrich and goat farm

Address: Snēpeles pagasts, Kuldīgas novads, Latvija

Nornieki restaunat Straus un Kaza ferma Latvia Gardenis greenhouse VENTUS

Picture: Restaurant in 2 greenhouses (model VENTUS)


"Goldingen Room" the restaurant specializes in Mediterranean cuisine; offers Italian and French wines. "Food there is like a journey into the world of Italian cooking." The greenhouse is built during the winter period.

Address: Baznīcas iela 2, Kuldīga, Kuldīgas pilsēta, Latvija

Goldingen Room restoranas Kuldiga Gardenis siltnamiai MAGNA

Picture: Restaurant, Christmas pavilion in a greenhouse (model MAGNA)



Talsi town:


"Kuršu Krogs" - family-owned motel, guest house, restaurant  

Address: Mācītājmuiža, Dižstende, Latvija

KURSU Krogs restaunat motelis Talsi Latvia Gardenis greenhouse MAGNA

Picture: Restaurant, cafe, bar in a greenhouse (model MAGNA)



Skujene town:


"Stikla kalns" - family-owned cafe - guest room.

Address: Skujene, Cesu Rajons, Latvija

Stikla kalns. Signe LV kafejnica Gardenis greenhouse MAGNA

Picture: cafe - guest room in a greenhouse (model MAGNA). 




Main Features of Glass Restaurants/Cafes/Bars by "Gardenis":

Our company designs and manufactures greenhouses - garden rooms of aluminum structure and safe tempered glass/polycarbonate since 2015.

They feature exceptional structural strength, large interior space, and adaptability to your interior and exterior design needs.

- The maximum area of the structure - 80 sq.m.
- Frame - robust aluminium full-length profiles,
- Glazing - 4 mm tempered glass (walls & roof) or 10 mm polycarbonate (roof),
- High side walls (H-2.01m or H-2.11 m) and ceiling,
- 8 different shapes-models to choose from,
- The frame can be powder coated in any RAL colour (Qualicoat)
- Integrated aluminium base - the structure can be installed directly on the soil, ground, terrace, or another flat surface,
- Integrated gutters and rainwater downpipes,
- Possibility to install the required type (single, double) and number (in any wall) of doors, and windows. The more wide doors, the better ventilation in warm weather.
- The manufacturing process as well as all raw materials are certified to CE1090-3.
- Usually, no building permit is required (see your local or national legislation)


More specific information (models, sizes, colours, accessories, prices) about our offers is available in the menu section Greenhouses / orangeries.




Interested in our greenhouses/glasshouses - cafes, bars, restaurants? Please contact us (Contacts)

Share with us your needs and vision, and we will offer you our best solution!