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– Automatic window opener

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Save yourself time and effort - fit automatic vent openers in your greenhouse.

Ensure adequate ventilation of your greenhouse for the comfort and health of plants

Exposed to long periods of heat and a dry atmosphere within a greenhouse, many plants are unlikely to survive. 

Univent ® automatic greenhouse window opener 

  • Material: aluminium
  • Max. window weight: 14 kg
  • Opening force: 7 kg
  • Standard closing force: 0.8 kg
  • Temperature range, opening: 17 – 25 ºC
  • Maximum window opening: at 30 ºC
  • Maximum opening: 45 cm
  • Color: metallic (untreated – standard) or black


Assembly instruction

Picture: packaging and components of Univent ®



PRICE:35 Eur (for sale with greenhouse only)


– Alu loops

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– Automatic window opener

Save yourself time and effort - fit automatic vent openers in your greenhouse.

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