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Entry roofs

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Stylish, practical, durable entry roofs for private, public and business buildings. Custom made. Matching to other exterior constructions and elements.

Stylish and comfortable protection from rain or snow on the doorstep.

We design, manufacture, and install aluminium construction roofs for exterior doors and porches. They are smaller size structures of “SOLAR ROOF” systems

Robust, durable, with a light-transmitting roof glazing of your choice (we offer 3 colours of 8 mm tempered glass or 16 mm polycarbonate as standard options).

Note that when it rains, no water drips from our roofs around the doorway; it runs from the roof to the front profile – the gutter, from there it flows downwards into the support profile with an integrated (invisible from the outside) downpipe. You can collect this water in a tank or direct it to a yard drainage system.

Match the exterior elements of the house with each other

If you are going to purchase or already have our terrace roof or veranda, and are still looking for a roof for the main exterior doors of your home, we recommend purchasing all external structural elements from the same raw materials, of the same style. This will create a harmonious exterior style for the house.

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