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Garden cabins & sheds “ALTO”

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From now on, keep your garden, yard or home care tools, trimmer, bicycles, fireplace wood, outdoor furniture, or other larger items safe and tidy. Or finally, fulfill your old dream of having a small workshop, an outdoor kitchen, or even a small cozy garden house in the yard. Stylish, sturdy and functional garden cabins/sheds "ALTO" are suitable for small and spacious yards, for many different purposes.

Garden or backyard cabins ALTO – new design, durability, low-maintenance.

We are happy to introduce our new product, designed and developed as a response to our clients needs and requests.

ALTO backyard cabins are unique in that you can choose between a standard or custom made model that suits your individual needs. For example, extending the “base” unit forward or sideways creates a carport, a shelter for garbage container, firewood, bicycles, etc. or even a spacious canopy for a group of friends.

The construction is made of solid powder-coated aluminum profiles with stainless steel joints (see SOLAR ROOF), so the structure will not rust, deform, you will not need to over-paint it over time. You can choose both standard or individual size and design of the cabin. The colour of the structure matches the colour of the wall panels. Brown (RAL 8019) and dark grey / anthracite (RAL 7016) colours are standard offers.

Rainwater gutter and downpipe – invisible, integrated into the support profile of the structure.

material: 4 cm thick sandwich panel. The standard colour offer is brown (RAL 8019) and dark grey / anthracite (RAL 7016).

Roof: choose cabin with a single-slope (model ALTO-1) or two-slopes (model ALTO-2) roof of durable 16 mm thick opal polycarbonate (standard offer). It well transmits the natural daylight inside of the cabin.

Doors: single (standard offer) or double doors with a lock on any side of the structure. Doors can be made of sandwich panel or glass (clear, tinted) or polycarbonate.

Windows: choose the desired size, number, type (open, fixed), glazing material (tempered glass, polycarbonate) of the windows.

Other: special anodised aluminium ventilation grilles with a mesh to prevent from rodents, insects, rainwater entering the cabin can be installed on any side of the cabin.

  • Multilayer wall plate 40 mm
  • 16 mm polycarbonate (clear, tinted)
  • 5 mm tempered glass
  • 4 mm tempered glass

The structure of cabin/shed is made of our terrace roofing systems’ SOLAR ROOF aluminium profiles and stainless steel connecting elements.

Profiles are powder coated (Qualicoat technology) in RAL7016 or RAL8019 (standard offer) colours. Other RAL colours are available by request.


Hinged (single, double). The standard offer – a single door.

With a handle, lock and key.

Filling – tempered 5 mm thick glass (clear, tinted), 16 mm polycarbonate (three shades), 40 mm wall panel,

You can also request the number, type and position of the door you prefer.


Fixed / non-opening or opening-sliding.

4 mm tempered glass (clear, tinted) or 16 mm polycarbonate (clear, tinted).

The number, type and position of windows can be selected.

Assembly / installation

There is no need to prepare any special base or foundation for this building.

Assembly of “ALTO” structure depends on the situation where the cabin will be built:

  • if it will be built on the soil, then the supports of the structure will be concreted;
  • if it will be built on paving blocks or concrete pavement, the supports will be fixed with special anchors,

IMPORTANT: Be sure to consult with us or our sales agents before laying the concrete.

If there is no pavement yet, we recommend that you first build the structure of the cabin, then install the paving (concrete tiles, stones, bricks, etc.) and flooring (wood planks, tiles, etc.).


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