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TETRA – quadrangular greenhouse

An attractive square-shape garden glasshouse - for different uses and users
  • 10 mm polycarbonate (clear)
  • 4 mm tempered glass
  • 4 mm granular glass

High-quality aluminum. Strong, secure, robust. 

2 large windows (as a standard) can be installed in any sidewall of the structure.

The roof has a special ventilation vent.



The standard set of “Tetra” elements includes one sliding type door with handles.

Upon request, double or sliding type door (one, two) can be ordered and installed in any wall.

If you use “Tetra” not only as a greenhouse for plants, we recommend buying more doors. Extra wide double sliding doors in the front wall of the building are very convenient.


The standard set includes a special 14.5 cm high aluminum profile base.

The base can be fixed to the soil or to an already existing paving material (bricks, concrete, stone).

Another type of base profile (a”plate” profile) will be supplied if a greenhouse will be mounted on a brick or or concrete wall.

Tetra siltnamis oranzerija pavesinė Gardenis


This conservatory-greenhouse has a square shape. This allows maximum use of the inner space. Corners will provide enough space not only for larger plants, but also for shelves, a potting table, a chair.

The conservatory has broad double sliding doors. The roof has a special ventilation vent.



– Aluminum shelf 20 cm


– Alu loops


– Automatic window opener


– Extra window


– Aluminum tubes


– Automatic watering system


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