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MURUS – lean-to greenhouse

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MURUS - a single slope greenhouse, conservatory, veranda, porch, or garden shed.

Murus (Lat. – wall) – a single slope greenhouse model – is a great choice for small or irregular shape gardens. Its compact structure allows using your limited outdoor space more efficiently.

It can be placed along a south-facing or well-lit wall to provide the necessary inner sanctum for plants, without taking up too much of the garden itself. Attach it to the wall of your house, shed, or fence, or build it as a stand-alone garden structure replicating the shape of a single-slope house.

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Sturdy structure. Made of closed-type aluminium profiles, the structure is strong and stable. Includes a special integrated aluminium base.

Glazing. 4 mm tempered glass or/and 10 mm polycarbonate.

Space. Gutter/sidewall height – H-181 cm (including standard H-14,5 cm base or H-5 cm base for on-wall greenhouses). The whole structure (and door) can be heightened by an additional +20 cm or +30 cm.

Door. Single W-85 x H-171 cm (standard offer) or double sliding-type doors can be installed on any side of the greenhouse.

Windows. Large (73 x 82 cm) windows assure good ventilation. Windows can be installed on the roof (standard offer) or in any side wall.

Colour. There is a choice of plain aluminium (mill) finish or powder coating in any RAL colour.

Other features. Rainwater and condensation gutters and rainwater downpipes are included in the standard set of the greenhouse.

Note: MURUS greenhouse can be without (standard offer) and with the back wall (by request).


Murus sgreenhouse lean-to Gardenis


  • The prices indicated below are for a standard greenhouse set of a standard size (W x L x H), mill finish aluminium frame with 4 mm clear tempered glass or 10 mm clear polycarbonate, with integrated aluminium base, condensation and rainwater gutters, downpipes, single sliding door, roof windows.
  • Painting the structure in RAL colour (powder coating, Qualicoat technology) costs extra (see the last column).
  • Delivery services cost extra, and are quoted separately; the price depends on the ordered greenhouse size and distance to the delivery address. 
  • Special offer: in May all standard-size greenhouses with glass glazing – 10 % (on mill finish structure price).

Greenhouse “Murus” prices:

MURUS greenhouse prices

MURUS 307 greenhouse prices

MURUS 3.07 comes with 10 mm clear polycarbonate roof only.


For more useful information visit our F.A.Q. (Frequently asked questions) section.

  • 10 mm polycarbonate (clear)
  • 4 mm tempered glass

Robust aluminium structure

Frame of this greenhouse is made of closed-type, solid aluminium profiles. Fasteners (bolts, nuts) – of stainless steel. The whole structure is very stable and robust. 

Much attention is paid to finishing elements and aesthetics.

The structure is fully prepared for self-assembly (detailed assembly manual is included in the package). There is no need to drill, cut or press anything when assembling the greenhouse.

Aluminium is a light but strong, durable metal. It does not rust, is resistant to moisture and sun, does not require any special care.

High and spacious greenhouse

When choosing a greenhouse, it is important to consider the height of its side walls. The higher the walls, the more space inside the greenhouse. This not only provides more necessary space for the plants, their arrangement, ensures better air circulation inside the greenhouse; in such a greenhouse it is more comfortable to both work and rest.

The standard height of the side walls of the “MURUS” greenhouse is 1.81 m. If you are looking for an even higher greenhouse, order “MURUS” with a +20 or +30 cm higher side wall (the total height of the greenhouse, also the door passage height also changes accordingly).

Possible side wall heights of “Ventus” greenhouses: 1.81 m (standard offer), 2.01 m, 2.11 m.


Save space on the plot by taking advantage of the height of the greenhouse: don’t plant more seedlings – allow the plants to grow to the maximum upwards (eg tall tomatoes, cucumbers, vines, other); attach large, sturdy shelves to the side walls for potted plants, strawberries, lettuce, herbs. Also, a higher greenhouse fits nicer to the overall garden environment.

Greenhouse frame colour

The general aesthetic appearance of any greenhouse is mostly influenced by its shape, glazing and especially the colour of the structure. While natural aluminium (mill finish – not painted) greenhouses are most popular, colour frame greenhouses are becoming more popular with every season.

We offer both not painted (mill finish aluminium) and powder coated (Qualicoat) in any RAL colour frames.

The profiles in the standard set are mill finish (not painted). 

Greenhouse windows

Large windows (73×82 cm) ensure good ventilation of the greenhouse. The windows can be installed on the roof (standard option) and / or in any wall of the greenhouse.

If necessary, you can purchase an additional window separately.

We recommend to purchase automatic window vents (see accessories for the greenhouse).

Gutters and downpipes

Rainwater and moisture condensate gutters and rainwater downpipes are integrated in the greenhouse structure. All rainwater flowing from the roof will be collected and will run out through two downpipes. It is convenient to direct this stream to special water tanks and thus provide water for watering the greenhouse plants.

A standard “MURUS” set comes with a robust, stable single sliding door with handles.

Other door type / number available:

  • Double or single,
  • Sliding or turning.

Šiltnamio durys Gardenis

A standard set of “MURUS” includes a special aluminium base. It can be fixed to the ground by special aluminium anchors (“legs”) or attached to an existing pavement (eg, blocks, tiles, bricks, stone, etc.).

Concrete or brick foundation is not necessary on the entire perimeter of the structure. However, if you want to build “MURUS” on a concrete or masonry foundation, then we will offer another type of base profile – a “plate”, that evenly covers the surface of your foundation and thus protects the it from the negative effects of rain or ice. Greenhouse construction remains robust and stable.

kaip irengti siltnamio pamatus Gardenis


– Alu shelf W-20 cm

Greenhouse shelves allow for optimum use of the greenhouse space, and more efficient storage of plant care products.

– Alu loops

Convenient and effective greenhose accessory to tie up tomato, cucumber, vine or any other plants or small decorations

– Automatic window opener

Save yourself time and effort - fit automatic vent openers in your greenhouse.

– Extra windows, doors

When more intensive ventilation in your greenhouse is needed

– Alu tubes

A convenient way to tie plants in the greenhouse.

– Potting bench

A potting table in your greenhouse provides you with an organised work space to sow seeds, prick out seedlings and re-pot plants.

– Wooden raised beds

Enjoy your tiny garden anywhere - on a terrace, on a balcony, in a greenhouse!

– Alu shelf – frame

Make the most of your greenhouse space. Comfortable greenhouse shelves for plants, order, convenience, coziness.

– Window stickers “Birds”

Protect birds from injury.

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