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Patio roof systems “SOLAR ROOF”

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A terrace in the garden can be your favorite private place. It is such a pleasure to be sitting there with a cup of coffee when a mild summer rains.

The robust “Solar Roof” patio roofing systems will protect your patio, windows, garden furniture and textile from direct sun, rain and snow. It will add value to your property. Your house design will look complete.

We offer three types of terrace roofs: standard “Solar Roof classic” and “Solar Roof XS” with extra solid gutter, designed to withstand heavy snow and strong winds and “Solar Roof basic”.


SOLAR ROOF XS (XS = extra strong) features:

• Roof beams – 3 cameras
• Front profile (gutter) – 3 mm thick, 3 cameras
• Maximum roof slope length – up to 6 m
• Maximum distance between front roofing supports – up to 7 m.


Stoginė terasai SOLAR ROOF GARDENIS modelis



Colour. Natural aluminum or powder coated.

Our standard colours: white (RAL 9010), brown (RAL 8019), anthracite grey (RAL 7016). You can also order any other RAL color.

Antracite   Brown   White   Any RAL colour

 Standard or structure coating options:


Glazing. Safe tempered 8 mm glass (clear or tinted) or 6-wall 16 mm polycarbonate. 

8 mm tempered glass
– clear
  8 mm tempered glass
– tinted
  4+4 tempered glass
– laminated
16 mm polycarbonate
– clear
  16 mm polycarbonate
– opal
  16 mm polycarbonate
– bronze


Other features. Drainage is integrated in the post.  

  • 8 mm tempered glass
  • Tempered laminated glass 5 + 5
  • Tempered laminated glass 4+4
  • 16 mm polycarbonate (clear, tinted)

(An update of this information will be coming soon! In the meantime please visit our website www.aluvilla.eu )


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