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“RINGO” – greenhouse, garden pavilion

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A real highlight of the garden - to grow, to relax, to celebrate.

Ringo-siltnamis oranzerija GardenisIf you dream of having a small and cozy oasis protected from rain and wind, choose “Ringo”. It will definitely become a central focus of your garden.

You can cover one wall with vine or other climbing plants. Hang your favorite flower pots, place your favorite chair, add a small table. Invite your family for a cup of tea right in the garden!

  • 10 mm polycarbonate (clear)
  • 4 mm tempered glass
Robust, durable, maintenance-free aluminum construction. Robust roof profiles are connected to a beautiful, stable system.


Standard set features: the roof is covered with a 16 mm polycarbonate, walls – 4 mm tempered glass, the frame is non-painted (natural aluminium). Upon customer request, the construction profiles will be coated in the RAL color (powder coating technology “Qualicoat” only).




2 (as standard) large windows can be installed in any side wall of the structure.

Any side of the conservatory is fitted with sturdy swing doors. There is also a comfortable handle in the door set with/without a lock.


Vrstomos šiltnamio durys Gardenis

“Ringo” frame set has a special aluminum base / foundation. It can be fixed directly to the ground or on any other prepared foundation (concrete, brick, stone).

Tell us about this foundation beforehand – we will provide another type of base profile (a plate) that protects the surface of the foundation against harmful water and ice effects.



Alu shelf W20 cm

Greenhouse shelves allow for optimum use of the greenhouse space, and more efficient storage of plant care products.

Alu loops

Perfect for stringing up tomatoes, cucumbers and other vine plants in your greenhouse

Automatic window opener

Save yourself time and effort - fit automatic vent openers in your greenhouse.

Extra window

When more intensive ventilation in your greenhouse is needed

Alu tubes

A convenient way to tie plants in the greenhouse.

Automatic watering system

An intelligent watering system, enabling the plants to take care of themselves.

Potting bench

A potting table in your greenhouse provides you with an organised work space to sow seeds, prick out seedlings and re-pot plants.

Alu shelf – frame

Make the most of your greenhouse space. Comfortable greenhouse shelves for plants, order, convenience.

Wooden raised beds

Enjoy your tiny garden anywhere!

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