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RINGO – round greenhouse, orangery

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A round shape greenhouse-orangery-sunroom will be a real highlight of your garden - to grow, to work, to relax, to celebrate.

If you dream of having a small and cozy oasis protected from rain and wind, choose “Ringo”. It will definitely become a central focus of your garden.

You can cover one wall with vines or other climbing plants. Hang your favorite flower pots, place your favorite chair, and add a small table. Invite your family for a cup of tea right in the garden!

Ringo greenhouse orangery Gardenis

  • The prices indicated below are for a standard greenhouse set of a standard size, mill finish aluminium frame with 4 mm clear tempered glass or 10 mm clear polycarbonate, with integrated aluminium base, condensation and rainwater gutters, downpipes, single hinged door, wall windows.
  • Painting the structure in RAL colour (powder coating, Qualicoat technology) costs extra (see the last column).
  • Delivery services cost extra, and are quoted separately; the price depends on the ordered greenhouse size and distance to the delivery address. 
  • Special offer: in May all standard-size greenhouses and orangeries with glass glazing – 10 % (on mill finish structure price)


RINGO greenhouse orangery prices

For more useful information visit our F.A.Q. (Frequently asked questions) section.

  • 10 mm polycarbonate (clear)
  • 4 mm tempered glass


Strong, durable, maintenance-free aluminium. 
Robust roof profiles are connected into a beautiful sun-rays shape system.


Standard set features: roof glazing – 16 mm polycarbonate, walls – 4 mm tempered glass, frame – mill finish aluminium or powder coated in any RAL colour.




2 (as standard) large windows can be installed on any wall of the structure.

Any side of the conservatory is fitted with sturdy hinged doors with a handle and a lock.

Vrstomos šiltnamio durys Gardenis


A standard “Ringo” frame set includes a special aluminium base profile (H-14,5 cm). It can be anchored directly to the soil/grass or on any other ground surface (concrete, brick, stone, wood).

If you would like to build your “RINGO” on a wall base, the frame set will include a “plate type” base profile (H-5 cm). This type of base profile will protect the surface of the wall against harmful rain water and ice effects.


Image: “Ringo” on-wall with a plate-type base profile.

Tell us about your on-wall foundation beforehand – we will provide the drawing for this type of base.



– Alu shelf W-20 cm

Greenhouse shelves allow for optimum use of the greenhouse space, and more efficient storage of plant care products.

– Alu loops

Convenient and effective greenhose accessory to tie up tomato, cucumber, vine or any other plants or small decorations

– Automatic window opener

Save yourself time and effort - fit automatic vent openers in your greenhouse.

– Extra windows, doors

When more intensive ventilation in your greenhouse is needed

– Alu tubes

A convenient way to tie plants in the greenhouse.

– Potting bench

A potting table in your greenhouse provides you with an organised work space to sow seeds, prick out seedlings and re-pot plants.

– Alu shelf – frame

Make the most of your greenhouse space. Comfortable greenhouse shelves for plants, order, convenience, coziness.

– Wooden raised beds

Enjoy your tiny garden anywhere - on a terrace, on a balcony, in a greenhouse!

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