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T-Room – glasshouse, orangery, garden room

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Two-space multifunctional greenhouse, orangery, garden room with an expressive shape.

Why choose “T-Room” orangery?

Garden-room-stiklo-siltnamis-oranzerija-stikla-siltumnica-GardenisThis transparent building in its form and function is very close to garden houses, gazebos or mini-cottages, only brighter, more transparent, more open, and more stylish.
It is a unique room that protects against wind, humidity, noise, rain, or even mosquitoes, surrounded by natural nature. During the year, for at least ±8 months, many of your daily activities will shift to there imperceptibly. On any given day, there will be more natural light here than at home, and more warmth than outside, so it will be pleasant to work, study, create, rest, and socialize here. Slow morning breakfasts or cozy evening dinners will taste better and last longer there than at home.
In the warm season, the orangery will offer more favorable conditions for growing both indoor and outdoor plants: flowers, vegetables, berries, spices, grapes, and others.
It is popular to install a hot tub or a mini pool in this conservatory, too.




Fig. Orangery-greenhouse “T-Room” on a brick wall (H-0.83 m).


T-Room shape and dimensions

The shape of this conservatory corresponds to the shape of the letter “T”. `The front part resembles the porch-verandah of the house, the inside – one larger or two smaller rooms.

Note the height of the side walls and roof ridge of this structure. Standard wall height – 2.01 m. At the customer’s request, we can make a conservatory even with H-2.11 m high walls. High walls of the building – more comfort inside. This makes the orangery even more similar to ordinary home spaces.


T-Room model and standard sizes:

T-ROOM greenhouse model

Fig. T-Room construction model (3.09 x 4.57 x 1.58/3.09 m, side walls H-2.01 m, roof ridge H-2,90 m)



  • The prices indicated below are for a standard greenhouse set of a standard size (W x L x H), mill finish aluminium frame with 4 mm clear tempered glass or 10 mm clear polycarbonate, with integrated aluminium base, condensation and rainwater gutters, downpipes, sliding door, roof windows.
  • Painting the structure in RAL colour (powder coating, Qualicoat technology) costs extra (see the last column).
  • Delivery services cost extra, and are quoted separately; the price depends on the ordered greenhouse size and delivery distance.
  • Special offer: in May all standard-size greenhouses and orangeries with glass glazing – 10 % (on mill finish structure)


Price of “T-Room”



  • 10 mm polycarbonate (clear)
  • 4 mm tempered glass

A standard T-Room set includes:

– Aluminium structure: strong, stable, closed-type one-piece profiles; plain aluminium (mill finish*)
– 4 mm tempered glass or/and 10 mm polycarbonate 
– Wall height H-2.01 m*
– Single sliding door*
– Roof windows*
– Integrated aluminum base (H-14.5 cm)
– Integrated rainwater downpipes, and condensate collection gutters (4 pcs.)
– Stainless steel fasteners
– EPDM glazing rubbers, black

*- other options are available by request.

We offer T-Room in 6 standard sizes:

T-ROOM sizes


Each structure of standard dimensions (width x height) can be ordered with a +20 cm or + 30 cm higher side wall – there will be an even higher ceiling, more space, and comfort inside.


“T-Room” door

A standard “T-Room” set comes with one single sliding door in the front wall. 

You can additionally order the desired type and number of doors*:

– sliding double

– hinged single

– hinged double


(* additional fee applies)

“T-Room” base

The construction of the T-Room, like other greenhouses we produce, has an integrated H-14.5 cm high aluminum base foundation, which should be installed directly on the ground. It is a closed-type, one-piece, special-shaped aluminum profile.

During installation, the supports of this base are concreted into the ground at several points specified in the instructions. In this way, the stability of the entire structure, reinforcement, and horizontality of the base is ensured. The greenhouse can also be built on cobblestones, concrete, or a wooden terrace.

The brick or concrete foundation for the greenhouse is not compulsory. Unless there is a slope on the site where the structure will be built, or for other personal reasons, you plan to build the structure on prepared foundations.

In this case, before you pour the foundations, inform the seller of the greenhouse about this intention – they will provide you with an exact drawing of the foundations.

On-wall option

All greenhouses and garden rooms manufactured by our company can be built directly on the foundation-wall. Its recommended height is H-43 cm or H-83 cm. Drawing of foundation shall be followed.



– Automatic window opener

Save yourself time and effort - fit automatic vent openers in your greenhouse.

– Alu shelf W-20 cm

Greenhouse shelves allow for optimum use of the greenhouse space, and more efficient storage of plant care products.

– Alu shelf – frame

Make the most of your greenhouse space. Comfortable greenhouse shelves for plants, order, convenience, coziness.

– Alu tubes

A convenient way to tie plants in the greenhouse.

– Alu loops

Convenient and effective greenhose accessory to tie up tomato, cucumber, vine or any other plants or small decorations

– Wooden raised beds

Enjoy your tiny garden anywhere - on a terrace, on a balcony, in a greenhouse!

– Extra windows, doors

When more intensive ventilation in your greenhouse is needed

– Potting bench

A potting table in your greenhouse provides you with an organised work space to sow seeds, prick out seedlings and re-pot plants.

– Window stickers “Birds”

Protect birds from injury.

Private: Kiemo nameliai ALTO

Standartinių ir unikalių formų, šiuolaikiško dizaino, ilgalaikės kokybės kiemo nameliai - sandėliukai sodui, kiemui, sodybai.

Lauko klasės

Šviesios, patrauklios, funkcionalios, saugios kiemo klasės, auditorijos, pavėsinės. Būkite kieme dažniau, ilgiau, jaukiau.

Šiltnamiai – kavinės

"(Stiklinis) šiltnamis-svetainė baro, kavinės ar viešbučio kieme, mūsų kraštuose - būtinybė, nes komfortiškomis sąlygomis vaišinti svečius atviroje...

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