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“VENTUS” – classic greenhouse

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Ideally meets the general requirements of both new and experienced hobby gardeners.

“Ventus” – a classic greenhouse with glass or polycarbonate glazing, aluminium foundation and gable roof. 

With many choices available, the “Ventus” series offers hobby and professional growers true flexibility and expandability. It is a spacious and comfortable structure. Ideal for different uses and functions (greenhouse, conservatory, outdoor café, pool cover, small shopping pavilion, …).

The robust aluminum frame will ensure durability of the greenhouse and will not require any special care for many years. 

Standard set includes: 
– frame profiles,
– windows,
– (single sliding) door,
– base profile,
– glazing sheets (4 mm tempered glass or 10 mm polycarbonate) and rubbers,
– stainless steel fittings,
– rainwater downpipes and gutters,
– assembly instruction.

  • 10 mm polycarbonate (clear)
  • 4 mm frosted texture glass
  • 4 mm tempered glass

A standard “Ventus” set comes with a robust, stable sliding door with handles.

Other door type / number available:

  • Double or single,
  • Sliding or turning.

Šiltnamio durys Gardenis

A standard set of “Ventus” includes a special aluminum base that can be fixed to the ground by special concrete supports (“legs”) or attached to an existing pavement (eg, blocks, tiles, bricks, stone, etc.).

Concrete foundation is not necessary on the entire perimeter of the structure. However, if you want to build “Ventus” on a concrete or masonry foundation, then we will offer another type of foundation – a special aluminum profile base (a “plate”), that evenly covers the surface of your foundation and thus protects the foundation from the negative effects of rain or ice. Greenhouse construction remains robust and stable.

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Alu tubes

A convenient way to tie plants in the greenhouse.

Automatic watering system

An intelligent watering system, enabling the plants to take care of themselves.

Alu shelf W20 cm

Greenhouse shelves allow for optimum use of the greenhouse space, and more efficient storage of plant care products.

Alu shelf – frame

Make the most of your greenhouse space. Comfortable greenhouse shelves for plants, order, convenience.

Alu loops

Perfect for stringing up tomatoes, cucumbers and other vine plants in your greenhouse

Extra window

When more intensive ventilation in your greenhouse is needed

Potting bench

A potting table in your greenhouse provides you with an organised work space to sow seeds, prick out seedlings and re-pot plants.

Window stickers “Birds”

Protect birds from injury.

Wooden raised beds

Enjoy your tiny garden anywhere!

Automatic window opener

Save yourself time and effort - fit automatic vent openers in your greenhouse.

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