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– Wooden raised beds

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Enjoy your tiny garden anywhere - on a terrace, on a balcony, in a greenhouse!

Do you want to grow your favourite plants neatly and comfortably in a garden, greenhouse, patio or balcony?

Easy-to-assemble wooden raised beds “Mini-Garden” – just for that.

The 9 zones will accommodate most of the smaller plants: carrots, beets, peas, spices, flowers, strawberries, celery, …

Removing the top wooden strips of the box allows you to grow one or just a couple of your favourite plants.

Features of the wooden raised bed “Mini-Garden”:

  • Dimensions: 75 x 75 x 25 cm,
  • Packaging dimensions: 75 x 18 cm,
  • Easy to set up, move to another location, to disassemble – reassemble,
  • Wood – impregnated,
  • A special black agro film insert,
  • Assembly instruction.

All you have to do – just to buy the soil and the seeds or seedlings!

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