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VERANDA | a bright and warm extra room of your house

"It is a place I like to escape to after a working day. To be alone for a while, with nobody around, to disconnect from family noise and movement. Just to scroll for the news, to rethink my day; to be at peace with myself.
 To feel at home, yet like gone far away." (- impressions of our client)

A glass veranda adds a new dimension to your home. It is a modern ‘inside-outside’ space connecting your house and garden. It creates a cozy and bright shelter from the hot sun, rain, wind, and snow. It also gives an extra look to the house.



"Gardenis" company offers two systems of aluminum-glass verandas SOLAR:


- Frameless system ALU-GLASS

Frameless patio glazing systems Gardenis

- Framed system ALU-FRAME

Framed patio glazing systems Gardenis




Fig. Veranda SOLAR (framed system ALU-FRAME)


Veranda bereme frameless glass veranda manufacturer Gardenis

Fig. Veranda SOLAR (frameless system "ALU-GLASS", terrace roofing system "Solar Roof XS")



The elegant design and high durability of the Gardenis range make verandas SOLAR the perfect solution to extend your living space.


Main characteristics of veranda SOLAR:


- Robust aluminum structure

- RAL colours, powder-coated (Qualicoat), structure coating

- Custom and standard sizes

- Lean-to and free-standing

- Tempered glass (10 mm - system ALU-GLASS; 5 mm - system ALU-FRAME)

- Easy to install and maintain



If your life seems too hectic and out of control, create a private retreat where you can go to relax, read, and disconnect from outside intrusions.

By adding a veranda to your house, you'll be able to create a special spot that is yours alone. You'll be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to escape without going anywhere.


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